Infrant/NetGear ReadyNAS NV+

Just picked up one of these last week. The plan is to use the box as a shared storage resource to back up family data (pictures, etc.), and to back up other systems, and the grid machines in the rack.

I was originally going to build a box to handle the task, but a friend of mine recommended the ReadyNAS server as a cost effective (and less labor intensive) alternative. This box is basically plug-and-play…the operating system is delivered in firmware, and you configure and operate the box via a web interface and with a program called RAIDar. The box speaks a variety of protocols and can talk to Windows, Linux, Macs, and streaming media players so it should get along well with all the servers, workstations, etc.

I bought a diskless version, and populated it with 2x500G Western Digital drives. Initially nothing worked and for a brief time I thought the server was DOA. After a bunch of trial and error I concluded that one of the WD drives was DOA. I brought the box up on 1 drive, configured things, and it just worked. NewEgg RMA’d the bad drive (and even gave me freebie shipping label to send the bad device back…good stuff).

I’ve got 2 more 500G drives arriving tomorrow – the box is hot-pluggable so in theory installation is simple. It should be interesting to get the box up to 2T with X-RAID and do some performance testing.

Product reviews of the ReadyNAS have been widely varied, but so far all things look positive. I’ll post more about the box once I get my bad drive issues sorted out…

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